It is a specialized Sharia sector seeking to enlighten Muslims about their sharia duties towards Islam through good instruction, and dissemination of Sharia science.

It emphasizes that it is qualified to achieve this through interest in community partnership, care of the Sharia science, rehabilitation of scientists and preachers and the optimal investment of their energies to the prosperity of the homeland and its development.

The sector seeks to play a pioneering role in spreading Islamic culture and the implantation of Sharia science in a coherent society.


1- Dissemination of the moderate Sharia science in the Bahraini society.

2- Spreading the concepts of Sharia to achieve the public interest and strengthen the cohesion of Bahraini society.

3- Strengthening the Sharia side of specialists thereof in particular, and those interested in the Bahraini society in general.

4- Activating the role of specialists in the Sharia to spread the moderate thought and stay away from any form of disagreement.

5- Contributing to increasing the scientific outcome of imams and preachers.

6- Paying attention to the Sharia media.

7- Revival of religious rites and events.

8- Preparing women cadres for preaching and guidance to contribute to the dissemination of the general Sharia culture.

9- Consolidating relationships with the scientists of the Gulf Cooperation Council states in order to serve the unity that brings together the peoples of the GCC States.

10- Increasing effective communication with state institutions, especially the Directorate of Sunni Awaqaf and Religious Affairs in the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Awqaf.

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