AlEslah Society which adopts as its slogan the Holy Quranic Verse (I only desire betterment to the best of my power) was founded in Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain under the name of "Students’ Club" in Rabee Al-Thani, 1360 AH corresponding to May 1941. The Club was founded by a number of students of Al-Hedaya Al-Khalifa School in Muharraq who were brought together by study fellowship and unity of thought.
When objectives developed and the fields of work expanded before the founders, the name was changed to "AlEslah Club" in 1367 AH, corresponding to 1948. The Club kept, under this name, practising various cultural and social activities. An Elite of young people joined the Club. In 1980, the name was changed to AlEslah Society. A decision ‎ declaring changing the name of the Club was issued by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs under No. (15/80) dated 24 April 1980. This transformation in the history of this institution has given a new force of hard work and doing good for the development of programs and the expansion of activities.
The Society was re-registered under No. 4/ C/DKH on 6 November 1991 under the Law of Associations, Social and Cultural Clubs, Special Committees Working in the Field of Youth and Sports and Private Institutions promulgated by Legislative Decree No. (21) of 1989.

Our Mission

AlEslah Society is a non -government Islamic society committed to the Islamic approach derived from the Holy Quran and the Sunnah and based on inclusiveness and moderation. It seeks to move with the society, whether individuals, institutions or systems, towards commitment to Islam as a supreme reference and a comprehensive way of life.
The Society cooperates with all official and civil entities for the sake of the development and prosperity of the State and strengthening its national unity. It believes in the unity of the Gulf, and works on it. The Society also seeks to strengthen the community's belonging to the Arab and Islamic worlds and it supports the Arab and Islamic peoples in their quest for advancement and unity.
AlEslah Society tries to achieve the above through da'wa (missionary work), public awareness, building outstanding institutional models and effective investment of community relations within a framework of integration and participation. The Society affirms that it is well-qualified to achieve this through its interest in the inner preparation and comprehensive education of its associate members and good utilization of their energies to ably carry out its message.

Our vision

The vision of the society is to enhance its internal cohesion, develop its capacities and tools of influence and action so as to be able to achieve wider spread and comprehensive openness and develop an influential role in the Bahraini society for the service of Islam, identity and development of the homeland.

Our Values

1. Patriotism.
2. Partnership.
3. Transparency.
4. Brotherhood.
5. Openness.

Our Objectives

1. Dissemination of Islamic awareness intellectually, culturally, socially and behaviorally.
2. Enlightening Muslims about their Sharia duties related to advocating Islam through good instruction and the advancement of their societies.
3. Upbringing youth on religion and good manners and refining their scientific, intellectual and creative talents.
4. Enabling women to play their role in the family and society and availing areas to them to contribute to work appropriate to their nature and in line with Islamic ideals and values.
5. Paying attention to the Holy Quran, Sunnah, Islamic culture and the Arabic language.
6. Paying attention to Islamic charitable work and developing it to meet the social and material needs of the community, relieving the afflicted, supporting the Muslim communities in the world and doing charity and beneficent work.
7. Advocating of right and virtue and addressing various forms of corruption and disintegration in the community.
8. Strengthening brotherhood and cooperation ties between the people of Bahrain in particular and among the peoples of the Islamic Nation in general.
9. Contributing to and participating in all areas and projects that benefit the homeland and the citizen in accordance with the objectives of the Society.

Our Identity

As a leading Islamic society in the Kingdom of Bahrain, AlEslah is familiar with the Bahraini Society. It has a long history in Bahrain exceeding seven decades, and distinguished missionary, educational and charitable work through which it gained considerable recognition and appreciation of large segments inside and outside the Bahraini community.
The roots of AlEslah Society are driven from Islam which provides us with all the reasons of desire and sense of duty to serve our country and community. This is because Islam has great qualities such as comprehensiveness, moderation, divinity, humanity and tolerance which help us to perform the duty of da’wa through good instruction, following the example of Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).
While benefit from the experiences of the reformist Islamic movements that preceded us and derive from the experiences of the pioneers of da’wa and reform, we invoke Allah for their welfare as stated in the verses of the Holy Quran “And those who came after them say: "Our Lord! Forgive us, and our brethren who came before us into the Faith, and leave not, in our hearts, rancor (or sense of injury) against those who have believed. Our Lord! Thou art indeed Full of Kindness, Most Merciful." (Surah Al-Hashr: Verse 10).
We build on the experiences of our predecessors, and benefit from the achievements of the Islamic schools of innovation that emerged in our Islamic world during the past three centuries and played a major role in the renaissance and independence of the nation such as the schools that called for adherence to the true Islamic faith, fighting heresies of all kinds, and schools that took care of the reform of public education, especially religious education, the development of ways of education and activating them to serve religion and society as well as schools that called for political reform and the fight against tyranny, schools that have instilled a spirit of pride and jihad in the nation against colonialism and Zionism, schools that sought to preserve Islamic values and the Arabic language against the attempts of foreign colonialism to destroy the features of our religion and identity, schools that adopted the comprehensive educational and missionary curriculum and served their communities in all areas. These innovative schools are examples for us to follow in the way of da’wa and dissemination of authentic Islamic thought. We consider ourselves an outcome of these glorious experiments serving the religion and the homeland.
We assure that we have adopted the Islamic approach and da’wa committed to moderation that is away from extremism. We generally commit to the jurisprudential, missionary and educational choices adopted by these great Islamic schools and based on the principles of inclusiveness, balance and moderation, believing in tolerance, national unity, Arab unity and Muslim brotherhood and paying attention to the comprehensive education of the individual on moderation, openness to others and the commitment to Islamic ethics in word and deed, integration into the community and serving the people of his homeland and encouraging them to do the good and noble.
In our missionary activities, we follow the path of public Islamic action within the framework of law and the supervision of the community. We consider as one of our greatest achievements is that God Almighty guided us to practise our missionary, cultural and charitable work for serving our religion, nation and community through a non-government official Society that Bahraini people regard with full recognition and respect. We do all this under the blessed reform project sponsored by His Majesty the King.
AlEslah Society has supported the reform project sponsored by HM the King, may Allah protect him, and supported it in word and deed. This manifested in its active contribution to the drafting of the National Action Charter. AlEslah Society was at the forefront through defending the homeland and its capabilities and participating in all the projects that serve its supreme objectives and the interests of all its citizens regardless of their different mindset. The Society was always proactive in reunion, defending national unity and unifying efforts on a purely national basis. Patriotism is deeply rooted in the hearts of affiliates of AlEslah Society as the true Muslim is loyal to his country and ready to sacrifice for it. This was reflected in the participation of the Society in the reform Projectof His Majesty the King.

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