The Good Seeds Project was established in 2000 as an educational project that seeks to raise children aged of 7 to 12 in a comprehensive leading manner, taking into account the five educational aspects; physical, psychological, linguistic, social and mental, in a style that depends on targeted play, practice and addressing the creative sense of the child. The project works under the slogan “Leadership Starts from childhood."

We rely on seasonal pedagogic and educational activities, specialized educational courses, spring camps, recreational and educational trips, summer activities, mass programs and educational trips as well as publishing educational leaflets for students, parents and educators.

The project relies on clear educational references, namely the teachings of the Holy Quran, the Prophet's guidance in the education of young people and the biography of the righteous ancestors. In addition, it relies on the kinetic educational systems such as the Scouts Movement. The division of the educational Scouts curriculum and modern educational methods such as Montessori which depends on learning through play and practice and educational and pedagogic competencies at the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain were all made use of.


1. Formation and refinement of the child's leading personality.

2. Instilling values of faith in the psyche of the child.

3. Developing the five educational aspects; physical, psychological, linguistic, social and mental, in the child in a creative and an influential manner.

4. Developing the child's life skills.

5. Spreading social awareness of the importance of the stage of childhood in the different segments of the society.


To be a project pioneering in leadership education of the child at the local and regional levels to graduate a distinguished leading generation in various aspects of life.

Contact Information:

  • Building 3995 - Road 919 - Block 809 - Isa Town
  • Boys 39445007
  • Girls 34556425

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