This committee was established in 1970 under the name of "Social Committee". It deals with various charitable work tasks to assist the eligible needy, poor, orphans, the afflicted and others inside and outside Bahrain, through legitimate means and activities.

The Committee aspires to be the first local destination in charity work through a management characterized by mastery, creativity and transparency and quality projects that serve people both inside and outside Bahrain. It primarily focuses on local societal concerns, supports the mission of the Society and enhances the spirit of volunteering in community and our active communication with all our partners.

The Committee is concerned with the values of honesty, partnership, mastery, transparency, human service and development. The Committee works under the slogan "Towards a distinctive charitable work" and seeks to serve humanity by spreading good, alleviating suffering and combating poverty and illiteracy.


1. Combating poverty.

2. Achieving the principle of social solidarity among the groups of society.

3. Providing humanitarian aids and a decent life for the needy people.

4. Relieving the victims and enabling them to resume their normal lives.

5. Supporting educational, productive and developmental projects that benefit individuals, families and the community.

6. Establishment and sponsorship of social and educational projects and taking care of mosques and Islamic and da’wa centers.

7. Spreading the culture of charitable and voluntary work in the community to play its role in charity and philanthropy work.

Charity Projects in Bahrain

1. Assisting poor families:

• Cash Aids.

• Living Aids.

• Emergency Aids.

• Household Aids.

• Marriage Aids.

• House Rentals.

• Treatment Aids.

• Restoration of houses.

• Student assistance.

• Group marriage.

• Care of the elderly.

2. Charity endowments:

• Endowment of Giving: Its proceeds are allocated to needy Bahraini families.

• Waqf AlKhayr: Endowment to fund everlasting charity projects with specific targets.

3. Community partnership with local institutions.

4. Public charity activities.

5. Seasonal Assistance:

• Zakat al-Fitr.

• Ramadan Aids.

• Sacrificial meat Project.

• School bag.

• School uniform.

• The orphan’s Eid gift.

6. The Project of Taking Care of Mosques.

7. Supporting productive families:

This is a project aimed at transforming poor families from aid receiving families into productive families able to satisfy their living needs and achieve a savings margin that benefits them and the community as a whole.

The project trains families professionally to help them improve their products and acquire the necessary marketing skills through the permanent headquarters of productive families in Arad. It enables families to market their products through the exhibitions of productive families held inside and outside Bahrain.

Voluntary Work Unit:

The unit was launched in December 2016 under the management of the Charity Work Committee. It aims to provide voluntary opportunities in the field of charitable work for various groups of the community.

The Unit aspires to be the first forefront of volunteering in the field of charitable work in the Kingdom of Bahrain and to create opportunities for cooperation with various charities inside and outside the Kingdom.

The unit's system of work is based on announcing various volunteer opportunities, including detailed information such as the nature of the opportunity, its duration and the number of volunteers required. Everyone who has the desire and ability can register for such voluntary work. A team is then formed to carry out the voluntary work.

All voluntary efforts done by the unit are registered by the management and volunteers in the form of approved volunteer hours recorded for the unit.

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