This sector is responsible for the educational aspects of the members of the Society in all its branches. The sector is formed by a decision of the Board of Directors of the Society.

The Islamic education that we adopt is concerned with the preparation of the person good in himself and reformer of others. It is distinguished by inclusiveness, integration, balance and moderation, so that one side does not overwhelm another. It is concerned with several aspects, the most important of which are those related to doctrine, belief, worship patriotism, ethics and social, intellectual and cultural aspects. It depends, in its educational system, on several means, including: influential example, courses, lessons, lectures, and various seminars.


1. Strengthening the individual's connection with his Creator and satisfying his feelings and emotions with religiosity and faith.

2. Refining the personality of the individual behaviorally, morally and culturally.

3. Formation of the character believing in and committed to spreading good, giving charity and providing humanitarian services in the Bahraini society in a way that achieves the national interests.


To develop and expand the educational work committed to the Islamic approach derived from the Holy Quran and the Sunnah and based on balance and moderation for the service of our religion and homeland in the various fields of good and giving.

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