AlEslah Society was the first to establish a center for the memorization of the Holy Quran in the country in 1395 AH, 1975 in Abu Ubaidah bin AlJarrah primary School. More than three hundred students from different stages of study enrolled in the centre.

In Rajab 1421 H corresponding to October 2000, the Holy Quran Oases, one of the pioneering projects of AlEslah society, was established, thus bringing about a qualitative shift in the methods of taking care of the Holy Quran through traditional ways and modern ones based on institutional work.

The Holy Quran Oases is a specialized educational institution dedicated to the service of the Holy Quran and its sciences. It strives to achieve qualitative excellence in the education of different generations and groups of society to love the Holy Quran, consider its meanings and commit to its guidance and build an integrated Quranic character in order to achieve its mission in nurturing a Quranic generation that memorizes the Holy Quran and applies its instructions. The Holy Quran Oases works under the slogan "a new way to produce a unique Quranic generation".


1. Reviving the status of the Holy Quran in the community.

2. Graduation of an elite of Quran memorizers.

3. Teaching the optimal rules to understand and manage the Holy Quran and the correct fundamentals of reciting it.

4. Preparation of an elite of educators instilling in the souls of people the role of the Holy Quran as a message and a miracle of change.

5. Graduation of an elite of qualified graduates to teach Tajweed and reading sciences.

6. Highlighting Quranic role models in the community and embracing Quranic talents as well as developing their skills.

7. Spreading the spirit of competition to attract more attention to Holy Quran, in terms of memorization, understanding and application.

8. Inculcating Quranic talents and developing their skills.

Our Distinguished Characteristics:

• Genuineness: AlEslah inaugurated the first Holy Qur'an Memorization Center in Bahrain in 1395H, 1975.

• Wide spreading: The Oases of the Holy Quran runs more than 35 centres for education of Quran in the different regions of Bahrain.

• Size: The Oases of the Holy Quran sponsors more than 200 Quranic circles, with more than 250 male and female teachers.

• Influence: More than 1,800 students from different age stages enroll in Holy Quran Oases of AlEslah Society.

• Inclusiveness: the Holy Quran Oases hold various unique Quranic educational and cultural activities with the aim of building integrated Quranic personality.

Our programs:

• Permanent centers for Quran memorization and teaching of its science.

• Summer Quranic Centers.

• Eqra wertaq center for children from the age of five.

• Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Competition for memorizing and reciting the Holy Quran.

• Aisha Aljam’a competition in the memorization of the Holy Quran for schoolgirls.

• Annual Competition for Schools for memorizing and reciting the Holy Quran.

• Sheikh Hafiz Amanullah Competition for memorizing and reciting the Holy Quran.

• "Taj Al-Waqar" project to graduate 100 Holy Quran memorizers.

• Memorizers’ Diwan.

• Ahal AlQuran seminars: for University graduates and employees.

• Tajweed and Quranic readings Seminars.

• Educational Quranic activities: "In the shadow of a Surat".

• Qur'anic camps.

• Public and youth Quranic campaigns.

Our projects:

• Endowment of AlHuda for the service of the Holy Quran.

• Care for permanent Quranic centers.

• The project of sponsoring teacher of Quran.


To make the Holy Quran oases the pioneering project at the level of the Arabian Gulf with a qualitative distinction in the education of the meanings of the Holy Quran through memorizing it and considering its meaning, as well as creation of the integrated Quranic character that benefits the homeland and the Islamic nation.

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