The Girls' Club was established in 2004 as part of the Society’s projects for students aged 12 to 18. It is interested in the various educational, cultural and recreational aspects. It seeks to provide the best programs and means in various fields, through the establishment of high quality creative activities and programs to prepare a generation of girls able to serve their religion and homeland.


1) Preparing and qualifying youth leaders.

2) Developing creativity and innovation skills and encourage excellence and success.

3) Instilling and strengthening values and morals.

4) Disseminating the culture of volunteerism and promoting the spirit of community responsibility.

5) Promoting belonging to the homeland and instilling interest in the conditions of Muslims all over the world.


1) Training courses specialized in personal development.

2) Educational camps.

3) Intellectual forums and youth conferences for girls.

4) Leisure trips and sports activities.

5) Educational lessons and visits.

6) Public lectures.


To be the leading club in containing, mobilizing and highlighting Bahraini girls participating in the advancement of their country.

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