Almali in "Al-Eslah" organizes development forum " You have been chosen "
  • 2021-12-20

Almali in "Al-Eslah" organizes development forum " You have been chosen "

Almali Project of the Student Sector of the Al-Eslah Society organized the development forum for high school students "Selected", in the presence of 30 students from different regions of the Kingdom, and the forum, which carried the slogan "The universe created for you" over the course of two days, included many various training, cultural and sports programs.
The forum hosted Mr.Khaled Marzouki to present a course entitled "Your Choice", through which he touched on the reason for our existence and the wisdom of God's creation of man, which is his worship, the architecture ofthe earth and the succession of God in it, and the need to change our lives and behavior to achieve this goal and thus make life better and happier, as the forum included "Badal" match and a panel discussion entitled "Sha- salfa?!" withMr. Ismail Boudhi
This is according to Professor Mohammed al-Dosari, supervisor of the Al-Mali project, that this forum came in service of the goals of Almali and its mission, which is " Rabbani Renaissance Leader ", and added that he is happy to gradually return to interactive activities in the presenceof students, pointing out that we started this forum with high school students and promise to prepare a meeting next for the students of the preparatory stage hopefully.

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