• 2018-08-28

Corresponding tweets!

عبدالله عبدالرحمن

Author / عبدالله عبدالرحمن

(You can benefit from mathematics by the people who benefit from engineering by two dimensions .. Tkvhnu benefited from vertebrates and invertebrates !? by making a veterinarian, for example?). (And Aho Sajil S 1 and 2 Shnu benefited from them my life is not nausea and delusion and thinking, which is the need and the teacher of mathematics to make him ashamed of the morning?). (I benefited from the share of mathematics? .. God developed my skills drawing). (The days of the school I hate two articles I have been mathematics and the Arab who went to what I know Sheno benefited from: What is the feelings of the poet in the poem?). (My mind knows that I benefited from the creation of x or y q math?). (For the sake of asking myself I have benefited from physics and chemistry ?? headache, tears and tears). Did you feel the dose of humor that surrounds the above tweets as you read them? If we look at these tweets completely, we find it funny that "asking for knowledge" is the reason for this loss! Well, the above tweets might have been logical if the only indicator to measure the extent of knowledge utilization is to employ knowledge in everyday life. If the index is the same, let's close schools and universities, reopen the books, and just read and write. We will leave the important sciences on an optional basis for those who want to specialize only, and gain the minimum skills required to perform the tasks assigned to us in our jobs. ? If we agree that there is no physical or psychological harm from acquiring the minimum knowledge of the internal organs of microorganisms, studying the course of marine science, identifying probability rules, dismantling organic compounds, or recognizing the general idea of ​​the poem! I know that the argument ready for some is that the blame is on the traditional teaching methods used in schools and courses full of stuffing and focus on the fact that indoctrination is the only solution to success in school and that all this has planted all this grief in the generations .. Well .. Well .. With you all the right to these canned arguments, but what to do under this prevailing situation? As long as the self has been forced to acquire knowledge in this way, is the solution to force oneself to resist the benefit of knowledge as well? The occurrence of the self under this amount of coercion will lead to its fluctuation without a doubt! Knowledge Rizk! Think about the future. Perhaps the time will come when you will need some of these sciences and knowledge while teaching your children. You will surely assure them of this. Your own importance of this knowledge! Even if that time did not come, I would cherish the knowledge that I had given him and say, "My Lord, give me knowledge." Now to move on to another set of hilarious I mean Twitter! (Mo needs a lot of science, but need a lot of virtuous morality). (About experience: money can not buy a high taste .. science can not improve morals). (The only one you will not find studying in the universities of the world is: "Ethics" may be carried by the cleaning agent! Why all this contempt and prejudice to those who hold university degrees ?! Surprisingly, in fact, those who promote these tweets are mostly campaign holders of these top degrees too! Perhaps it is scientific rigor - similar to the term of literary rigor invented by Dr. Ghazi Algosaibi - may God have mercy on him - ?! The prevailing is that science is a moral morality, but the exception is the presence of those who are not attracted by this science, and this is the normal situation or the year of life in the presence of someone who deviates from any group, family or family, it is not right to take the fate of those who decided to be arrogant and ranting and arrogant knowledge of many others did not Their knowledge increases them only with respect, honor, honor, and elevation. Imam al-Shafi'i says: "Whoever learns the Qur'an has great value .. And who spoke in the jurisprudence grew his ability .. It is written in the Hadith strengthened his argument .. And look at the language of the printed edition .. And consider the calculation Jzl opinion .. And did not vaccinate himself did not benefit Teach him ". Remove the restrictions of the flag and release it .. Open the door of the cage and let him shave .. He will not shave away from you .. He will shave around you .. He will flutter with his wings near you .. He will create around you thin breaths in which the refinement of refinement and dignity and elegance .. You will drink these breeze and will be characterized by what you carry moderately Without cost or fabrication! And now another buzz in this debate .. But before that, I would like to point out that I used to adopt the view below in a while ago, but today I oppose it. Will I be described as contradictory? Here I see myself! (Dr. Dr. .. M .. Engineer .. be added after graduation Mb the first day at the university, you understand? " Why are all these medics seeking knowledge? In the area of ​​definition (Bio) in the means of social communication .. I was not ashamed to put my first name attached to the name of my family, which I did not choose, but the fate will be added to or added to him since my birth without any effort from me .. Perhaps the only effort I made For him is to learn to write only!  On the other hand, I was ashamed to know myself with my specialization, which I had to submit to more than five universities, to conduct a large number of interviews and to submit a large number of capacity tests, and I was barely convinced. My specialty, for which I wrote a letter of achievement, After being given my fifth wish - which I do not want - from the list of missions ..! The desire that was the achievement of the outcome is the other .. The specialization that almost transformed the place of residence to the university for it .. The specialty that was absent for his eyes from many family gatherings .. The specialization, which has resulted in three violations of speed .. These are my circumstances .. I must That there are deeper circumstances .. There is a Western .. And there are families bore the burdens and financial premiums .. And the list goes on and do not hide on you! .. Is not this the actual embodiment of the contradiction ?! Rajai warm .. Let the new students precede their names with the letter Dal or Mim in social media. Leave the medical students wandering around in public places with the white coat without tarnishing them

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