• 2018-09-04

Flowers and flowers

Who understood life well

نور عبدالرحمن الجناحي

Author / نور عبدالرحمن الجناحي

1. In our daily lives, we have many situations that require reflection, patience, deliberation, and lack of urgency. These attitudes are right next to us most of the time, but we remain silent or indifferent or complacent and helpless in extracting the right that we have under the pretext that it is nothing and no need to embarrass. That the amount recovered is not worth the trouble and hardship to extract. 2 - so we lose many of our rights, moreover, the other party continues to oppress and tyranny, if everyone remained silent it became normal and lost the rights of people !! 3 - However, there is a group of people know very well what rights and duties, so this group does not remain silent that lost its right and continue in earnest and diligence until the right to take away. In one year, one of the employees was surprised that his company was granted a child's allowance of 250 dinars, which includes the cost of medical consultations, treatment and others. "We did not know and did not discover anything except by talking to a foreign official who understood the laws very well. Hospitals and collect them until I recover the amount allocated to me. 5 - We must admit that we do not care to read the terms of the agreements well, we know the rights and duties .. If we spent the time necessary to read carefully to discover much of what is hidden to us. 6 - in most of our actions and deal with others we think better, and this is good but we tend to be cautious and do not care for all possible possibilities, which may fall in us with unexpected problems !! We have to be careful and vigilance, especially when we sign the papers, it is necessary to read the items well and reflect on them so as not to laugh at us and lose our legitimate rights. 7 - Imagine if all the Palestinians were silent on the occupation of their country and accepted surrender and submission, and accepted the banners there was no resistance and lost all Palestine and the demolition of the Aqsa Mosque and built the place of the alleged temple !! 8. But the ongoing resistance since the Balfour Declaration to this day and the non-surrender made the case alive, the remaining strength derives from the steadfastness of its heroes, which is inherited by the people of Palestine generation after generation. 9 - When you stand in front of the accountant in the shops pay for what you need for the things you bought, do not hesitate to accept the rest of the amount, even if it is cheap 5 fils or 10 fils or 100 fils, but take it comfort and put it in the Voluntary Fund Naoya charity ongoing there will grow You have this meager amount to become as great mountains. 10 - It is beautiful what I read: do not focus on what you miss, happiness exists in other aspects of life.

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