(Gold .. Original Metal) Children's Educational Version
  • 2022-03-15

(Gold .. Original Metal) Children's Educational Version

As part of the series of media and educational publications of the Center (Albothoor) of Aleslah Society recently issued a booklet entitled "Gold. Original Metal", which deals with the virtues of faith and social literature in a simple way and innovative interactive ideas fun.
The version contains the definition of 12 literatures, including a collection of the Prophet's hadiths on manners and morals. The release contained interactive practical practical ideas that a child can perform with his or her parents.
The issue has been widespread among educational institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as well as widely disseminated through social media inside and outside the Kingdom.
The booklet was prepared and directed by the Director of Albothoor Center of Aleslah Society, Mr. Ahmed Al-Sa'i, a social worker in the field of childhood, and her care and charity.

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